Performances & Events

SESSION! Thursday 6 November, 6-8 pm
Cville Coffee, 1301 Harris St., Charlottesville VA
Led by BRIMS instructor Brock Napierkowski
Open Session: Slower/Beginners – 6 pm, Intermediate-Advanced: Faster –  7 pm
ALL are welcome to attend for the entire evening, and listeners are also very welcome!
Free – but please support the venue by planning on eating and drinking while enjoying the music.

The Battlefield Band Thursday 20 November, 7 pm,
The Haven, 112 W. Market St.,Charottesille VA, $20/in advance, $25/at the door

Recently awarded ‘Scottish Folk Band of the Year’ and previously ‘Best Live Act’ at the Scots Trad Music Awards, Battlefield Band has been an ever-evolving bedrock of traditional music and talent for over forty years, and is rightly regarded as the great flagship of the Scottish traditional music scene. Founded in 1969 and named after the Battlefield area of Glasgow, the band continues to tour throughout the world, playing to audiences in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, Canada and the USA.Over the years, new members have brought new ideas, music, instruments, voices, attitudes and influences, ensuring continued creativity, freshness, enthusiasm and critical acclaim.
“A wondrous perfectly paced display by musicians firmly in command of their art… the band’s chemistry at this point is uncanny … the best Battlefield Band in years” –The Washington Post

Celtic Fiddle Festival, Saturday 31 January, 8 pm
The Haven, 112 W. Market St., Charlottesville VA, $20 advance, $25 at the door
Workshops Sunday 1 February, details TBA

Called “three of the finest folk violinists anywhere” by The Washington Post, Celtic Fiddle Festival celebrates the violin in all its globe-trotting variations.  Fiddlers Kevin Burke (Ireland), Christian Lemaître (Brittany, France) and André Brunet (Quebec, Canada) showcase a fascinating juxtaposition of international and individual styles. Along with acclaimed guitarist Nicholas Quemener from Brittany, the quartet combines their talents, musical traditions, and spontaneous humor for an evening of dazzling energy and subtle grace. The music is complex and beautiful, and the joy onstage is alive.

“Three sensational fiddlers from three distinct Celtic traditions.  Exhilarating fun!” Boston Herald
“…Among the world’s greatest Celtic fiddlers. Whether alone or á trois, they possess a breathtaking virtuosity.”   Philadelphia Weekly